“We don't create change, performance or growth. We make people and teams enjoy change and learning driving performance. We coach teams and their leaders to find their road to mastery. Achieve growth autonomously, with energy and fun. To make their ideas work”.


The agility to perform

Change has been around forever. Yet managing change in the current era is something new. Emerging digital technologies, disruptive start-ups, demanding customers... Complexity is growing, while time to market pressure is pushed to the extreme. In a world filled with volatility, uncertainty, and ambiguity organisations can only survive by embracing change permanently. On top of a relentless focus on customer value. By being responsive, fast and flexible.

Dividing complex processes in small, incremental steps to reduce risk and build progress. Accelerate the flow of valuable work delivered to your customers. Feedback in every step lets your teams create ever safer systems of work. While continual learning and experimentation fosters a high-trust culture and an empirical approach to organisational improvement risk-taking as part of daily life.

Balancing tactical and adaptive performance, improving and learning along the way. This requires a mindset of intense, agile collaboration in a culture of trust, communication and commitment. Paradoxically, in IT the human factor is essential. Soft skills like creativity, empathy and emotional intelligence determine the quality of products and services.

It needs teams, passion, initiative, and original thinking to differentiate and continuously deliver value to your customers.

IDEAS AT WORK builds on the belief that people are special, can best unleash their creative and problem solving potential when they have purpose and autonomy, and work together in a culture of continuous improvement and learning. With a good dose of competence, energy and fun.

Guiding agile transformations

The fast-changing economy makes it hard to keep up time to market demands. Building flexibility into your organisation, enabling high performing teams and innovation through a single mindset are at the heart of organisational responsiveness. And this heart is formed by people.

IDEAS AT WORK consults organisations on to how to restructure and realign culture for transformation. Working in Agile ways requires handing over autonomy and trust for teams of creators to come up with solutions for problems that surface. Thinking buttom up, delegating power to people that do the job. When interference is taken away, individuals and teams can better reach their full potential and deliver change and value.

We help you achieve sustainable performance for complex product development, continuous innovation, resilient organisations.

Trust & Team are written with a capital T.

The road to high value creation

Teaming is essential for any business. IDEAS AT WORK goes beyond performance, by building and guiding teams that create value creating sustainably.

“High value creating teams are tight-knit groups of people with complementary talents and skills that show high levels of collaboration and innovation, are committed to a shared purpose and eager to achieve superior results.

Building high value creating teams is not simple. It requires supportive processes that enable team members to surmount barriers alone and together. It is a mix of process control and facilitation, to help people stay fresh, sharp and focussed. It requires nurturing a culture of tactical and adaptive performance. Adaptiveness to respond fast, yet keep direction. While working with and for their stakeholders.

Performance = Potential - Interference

Training for Agile & DevOps

The IT professional becomes more generic. We offer tailored leadership and team training to help you develop the mentality for innovation and aligning teams.

Within IT, the DevOps way of aligning development and operation is rapidly gaining ground. Coaches deliver crucial contributions to culture, organisation, process and technologies needed, by helping individuals perform as high-performing teams. This takes a deep understanding of interpersonal, cultural and IT organisation.

Our DevOps Coach Course is based on standards of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). We improved on it to create a more personal, interactive and enriching experience, integrating current DevOps Practices and (remote work) experiences from Europe & Asia.

Check out the course page for details of our next DevOps Coach course that earns you a DASA certification.

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Coaching Teams at Work

How to improve your performance and maintain energized in today's busy worklife? How to balance with constant change?
We can help you with our coaching trajectories. Because we mix our experience with good understanding of context and human behaviour. Simply because we know how to ask the right questions.

Our Team Coaching is all about partnering with you in a thought-provoking process. One that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

We keep a healthy, humanistic perspective on performance, aimed at improving both flexibility and endurance. Coaching can even involve your physical health: with our “ Walk and a Talk”. Concept: Mobile coaching sessions while strutting through the great outdoors. Literally “walking with you through” problems and finding your best journey forward. Ideal in these days of extensive home-office work.

Step up your performance

Our story
autonomy, mastery and purpose

IDEAS AT WORK takes a human approach to a leadership and team growth journey. We help people, teams and organisations work better together. To create lasting growth and improve their performance in (digital) delivery, innovation and business. To get ideas to work. How? We start with people, and creating conditions that set them free to move faster and be more creative and passionate. Freedom unleashes a sense of purpose, eagerness and enthusiasm, and the desire to cooperate to gain collaborative results.

The agility to perform

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